My diet does not Work: 6 reasons why you do not lose weight

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My diet does not work! It is what most people exclaim desperate to see how the diet they started with so much enthusiasm a few days earlier is not giving them the expected results. What’s going on? Let’s review the possible reasons why you do not lose weight.

Why your diet does not work?

1- You do not follow the right diet

Miracle diets show promise every day for incredible results in just a couple of weeks. However, the most appropriate diet for you is not on the internet or in the example of a celebrity, it is in the consultation of a nutritionist. If you start a diet without professional guidance you condemn yourself to failure and put your health at risk.

2- You have not done a good planning

It is easy to think that you will eat healthy until reality gets in the way. People have busy schedules and it may be easier to go for fast food or a snack in the race. If you can foresee these situations you can cook more than one day and freeze what is over.

3- You skip meals

Like drastic calorie reduction, skipping meals is not effective for healthy weight loss. If you do, all you get is to get hungry for the next meal and binge. Instead, listen to the signs of your body, eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full.

4-You are not exercising

Eating right is just one aspect of achieving a healthy weight, but if you do not exercise your efforts can become quite lame. If you do not move, do not burn calories, so even if you decrease your intake, you still do not burn fat.

5- You do not consume enough calories

It seems a contradiction, but the caloric restriction leads to a lower metabolic rate, ie without enough calories, your body goes into survival mode. So it slows down your metabolism to conserve energy and prevent weight loss. In other words, you spend only the minimum and you do not lose weight. Instead of trying to drastically reduce the calories you eat, worry about not taking empty calories.

6- You do not drink enough water

Water is not the key to losing weight, but it can replace sugar-sweetened beverages, which lowers the calories you eat. A recent study by the University of Illinois found that people who increased their water intake by one to three cups reduced their calorie intake by 68 to 205 calories per day. They also reduced their intake of saturated fats, sugar, sodium and cholesterol.

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